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'''2)With regards to a testament how can I tell who was the person who

died and when ?''''

rhe exact date of the death is not always given
the date you see is the date of the 'WILL' or the donation
when it is written 'Division des biens ' it means that the personn is allready dead which is written DCD = décédé = deaceased
it means that his property is being divided between his heirs
usually they should be the same persons as the ones nominated in his will, but not always if the 3 dates have a year betwen them, one of his nominated heir might be dead

''''3)Can I expect to find more information if I go to see the records at the archives office in Valletta ?''''
No nothing more is written in the ADAMI books
BUT if you ask for the will at the notary archives in Valletta, you will find the original, a lot more in it but good luck to read it !!!!


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