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Hi Serge,

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Cheers, Julius Borg, the Maltese of Egypt family tree man
I can now say that I am officially recognised as a citizen of Malta, having been confirmed by the Government of Malta.

P.S. I have now reached the 4/5 of a century, the memory is not as good as it used to be. Please do not hesitate to remind me of any questions/queries you may have put to me which I have not answered.

To: mtabourin(at)hotmail.fr; Malte-Genealogie(at)yahoogroupes.fr; MarcoR(at)grindrod.co.za; marc(at)tomlinsonexecutive.com; marianne-35(at)hotmail.fr; mariefrance.sevray(at)free.fr; ma.fichet(at)free.fr; xenlondon(at)gmail.com; mace22(at)demepool.com; maduncan33(at)googlemail.com; mail(at)totalsat.co.uk; marvic.anquez(at)btinternet.com; mc.hugonnard(at)laposte.net; marianne(at)mvfassociates.com

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