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[Malte] Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - Version imprimable

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Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - stuart.stamp - 23-05-2019

I have created an index (1600+ entries)of these burials in an excel spreadsheet. I think it would be a useful addition to the Geneanum site but I don't know you to send in to. Also if anyone would like to check it and make corrections that would be wonderful!

Kind regards

Pat Stamp

Re: Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - NSV - 24-05-2019


You can sent it to


or me


We can recheck the transcription and integrate it on the website


RE: Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - christiane Charrel - 25-05-2019

Hello I would like you to send me the file I will look and you will return it corrected , thank you


RE: Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - mha8692 - 26-05-2019

That is so lovely of you ??

Re: Zurrieq burials 1567-1686 - tonyneulat - 14-06-2019

Dear Pat,

I have several ancestors in Zurrieq and I would be very happy if you could send me this index!

Thank you for sharing!

Kind regards,