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I would be glad to know what you think about this (it may seem obvious to you, but I it only just occured to me recently):

Once we have the Marriage date, do you then use this date to make assumptions about other dates such as year of birth of bride/groom and/or birth year of their parents?

If yes, what criteria do you use? Eg

- for approximate birth year of groom: marriage date less 25? Less 30?

- for approximate birth year of bride: marriage date less 20? Less 30?

Thank you fo your comments and ideas!

hi Tony

for the bride I put rather 15 / 20

as you noticed very often the professional genealogist do not give the date of the first marriage .. I had a bit 'friendly' argument concerning that as they told me 'if it is not your ascendancy line it is none of you business'

but it is when you calculate the age ......

another habit from the priests most disturbing is to keep the surname of the first husband when the bride remarries.......


Interesting idea about dates... possibly 15 is a bit too 'conservative'? That would actually means that the mother of bride would have a target birth date of about 30 years before marriage of her daughter. Maybe common then?

So in Malta the custom was that the bride took the groom's name? That does make genealogical research more difficult. I had noticed ithat the Maltese records resembled the Italian ones in that birth names and not married names of the bride and the mothers of the bride were used. Based on that i assumed that Maltese women didnn't take the husband's name at all.  If they did take the huband's name, that's Important to know.
for the widows ....and when they write a will or other acts registered by notaries

A small contribution to this:

the Xerri family in rabat Gozo.

Carlo born 1677  married 1697

Giusseppe  b 1701  m 1718

Giona  b 1719  m1739

Gregorio b 1721  m 1737

Giovanna b 1723  m 1739.

This does not prove anything about any other families but the Xerris appear to have married earlier than is being suggested.


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